Love Zimbabwe Charity Update 1 on Covid-19 Project

Originally posted on Fighting COVID-19 in Parirewa Village, Domboshawa:
After receiving a grant of £14,572 from the Welsh Government‘s emergency COVID-19 fund within the Wales and Africa Grant Scheme, our team of 15 volunteers at Chinamhora Community Centre has been going out in to the community constructing 640 tippy taps, distributing soap and supplying 1,400…

Fighting COVID-19 in Parirewa Village, Domboshawa

The Parirewa community has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing a face-mask-making project and constructing tippy taps in villages surrounding Chinamhora area in Domboshawa. These projects have been funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa programme which has supported over 20 different African charities including LoveZimbabwe. Speaking to Eluned Morgan MS, Minister forContinue reading “Fighting COVID-19 in Parirewa Village, Domboshawa”