Love Zimbabwe Charity Update 1 on Covid-19 Project

After receiving a grant of £14,572 from the Welsh Government‘s emergency COVID-19 fund within the Wales and Africa Grant Scheme, our team of 15 volunteers at Chinamhora Community Centre has been going out in to the community constructing 640 tippy taps, distributing soap and supplying 1,400 free washable face masks. The grant helped Love Zimbabwe in procuring four sewing machines to add on the three that we already had. We have increased the number of sewing volunteers from 20 to 35. There is a very high demand of face masks within the surrounding villages and schools. We are now receiving over 50 people every day at the community centre who are either in need of employment or are asking for food and face masks, many of whom are women and girls. Our outreach team is educating people about social distancing, distributing leaflets about COVID-19 and explaining the importance of WASH.

Through informed guidance and support from Hub Cymru Africa, we sourced borehole siting verification from a professional geophysicist. A borehole has been drilled at the community centre providing a capacity of 1,500 litres per day. We are now in the process of connecting underground pipes to a 5,000-litre water tank. There will be a tap made for public use.

We are very grateful to The Gibbs Foundation for donating £750 which has been used to purchase basic food supplies that will be given to vulnerable families.

While observing social distancing, Chief Chinamhora will host the community on Friday 24th July, where food packages would be given to vulnerable families. In addition to this, six schools will each be given one 20-litre bucket with tap, 10 litres of hand sanitisers, washing powder and we will be installing tippy taps in each school.

We aim to increase the number of tippy taps in the village and to continue making face masks during the next two weeks. Please help our cause by donating via our charity website:

More information will be posted on this blog soon. Many thanks.

Published by Love Zimbabwe

We are an independent, non political affiliated charity, working directly with people in different communities in Zimbabwe. Working in partnership with these communities enable us to seek holistic approaches to find solutions to overcome challenges brought by poverty and climate change. We believe in a fairer world, where people have the opportunity to work and to be able to support themselves and their families.

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